Bunyuru is the Wirangu word for saltbush.  The Scotdesco community has recently moved from manually planting saltbush, to direct seeding.  This has greatly increased the number of saltbush rows that can be grown.  Previously, manual planting resulted in two rows of 600 plants, and sixteen rows of 1,000 plants per row.  Each plant is a meter apart, each row is 4m apart.


During the 2016/17 financial period Scotdesco community have planted 30,200 saltbush seedlings. 13,000 seedling were purchased from a nursey in Victoria which is our orchard for seed collection. Scotdesco have grown 17,200 from seed to seedling in our nursey as part of training and experimenting process.

The economic gains for the Scotdesco Community in growing saltbush include: employment and training; improved land fertility and health; carbon credits; saltbush lamb; seed and seedling sales; animal food pellets; herb market access; and making high protein flour.