Scotdesco are involved in many community enterprises with the aim to encourage self-sufficiency, pride and empowerment for the Scotdesco Aboriginal Community and other Aboriginal Communities



The Scotdesco Aboriginal Community has formed a partnership with the PundaZoie Company Pty.Ltd to implement the 'Scotdesco Greening the Earth Program' (GTE). The GTE program is a series of commercially sustainable cropping and manufacturing business to propagate and grow a unique mix of perennial, drought resistant and salt tolerant commercial crop species to be harvested and manufactured into high protein flour and powder for human consumption, as well as saltbush feed pellets for livestock. The GTE program also includes the sequestration of carbon in the soil that qualify as tradable carbon credits. The program creates new permanent job opportunities with training & paths suitable for the wider regional community in particular Aboriginal empowerment.  


The café gallery showcases the exquisite art and ceramics produced by local artists and also sells some of the best coffee found on the West Coast. Scotdesco encourage travellers to follow the signs and drop in for a visit. Parking, toilet facilities and outdoor playground available.



Scotdesco farm Wiltipol sheep. The sheep are very low maintenance with no shearing being required



Wirangu is an endangered language and two fluent speakers of the community Doreen and Gladys Miller worked with the Adelaide University to produce language learning resources available for purchase at the Ceduna Arts Centre. Glady's daughter, Estelle is still active with these projects and Scotdesco community participate in language learning classes with the Far West Language Centre. 


Scotdessco have a community based hospitality enterprise run by the local women and it has been a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain and practice hospitality skills. The café itself if located right in the centre of the community near the administration buildings and it provides a relaxed, welcome and comfortable spot which is highly valued by all community members. 


Water is essential to the survival of the community and it's enterprises. Scotdesco operates a unique rainwater harvesting system which can collect up to 1.5 million litres of rainwater for the community

Local Artist Kirsty Miller
Doreen & Gladys Miller
Water Catchment System
Scotdesco Art Gallery