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Scotdesco community is situated on 25,000 acres of property called Tjilkaba (meaning prickle) approximately 100 kilometres west of Ceduna on the Great Australian Bight.

The community is open to the public, offering group accommodation, catering, conference facilities, cultural experiences, and community enterprises. 

We strive to be a community that sustains itself, providing a safe environment for employment, social and cultural activities for our families.

Through our business, programs, and activities we reach out and involve our whole community approach providing opportunities for all individuals and families to take part in the economic, social and cultural life of the community.

We are proud of our community, our history and our culture and recognise our opportunity to share our knowledge with the wider Australian community. We are an essential part of the rich fabric of our region, contributing to and participating in its social, economic and creative life.


Jimmy Scott was born at Eucla, and his wife Myrtle was born in White Well. The Scott family lived at Eucla and Mundrabilla before moving east to White Well, Fowlers Bay in the 1920's.

The family then settled in Bookabie in the 1930's. Jimmy and his family worked and camped around different bores in this area while fencing, hunting and sheep herding.

In 1992 the Scott family prepared a community plan in an endeavour to get funds to buy a large farm west of Ceduna. Scotdesco Inc. was successful with this application to obtain the property and the community 'Tjilkaba' was born. The descendants of Jimmy and Myrtle Scott still reside, work and manage this community.

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