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Intrepid Travel offers sustainable experience-rich travel via more than 1,150 trips on all seven continents. 

Majority owned by its co-founders and staff, Intrepid has been taking small groups to travel the local way, on real-life experiences for more than three decades.

Scotdesco is included in the Eyre Peninsula Adventure, which discovers the best of this inviting slice of South Australia over nine days with the passionate guidance of a local leader.

"Your journey continues as you travel to the Scotdesco Aboriginal Community in the locality of Bookabie, named for the descendants of the founding Scott family, who still reside in and manage the community today. The community operates as a social and cultural hub while providing employment for local families. Spend the evening in Scotdesco, and be sure to keep an eye out for southern hairy-nosed wombats roaming the property"

Scotdesco partners with Camps International and Intrepid to offer immersive experiences in the lifestyle of Australia’s traditional landowners.

Through our ongoing partnerships, we are able to teach our culture, history and land to a wide range of people across Australia and Internationally. 


Camps International is a social enterprise which runs educational and impactful expeditions for school groups. We own and operate camps in rural areas throughout Australia, Africa, Asia and South and Central America. Camps are located where poverty levels are high and/or there are significant environmental and wildlife conservation challenges. 

Camps International Australia offers the 10 day INDIGENOUS EXPEDITION experience of which 7 nights are located at Scotdesco. 

Throughout this expedition, participants learn about the importance of our local landscape and how it has shaped the Scotdesco community and inspired Dreamtime stories. They will have the opportunity to put classroom knowledge of climate change into practice as you get stuck into vital projects such as planting seedlings in the Saltbush nursery and learning about local agricultural practices.

A Sample itinerary is located here.

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"It was an amazing experience that I will never forget and has truly changed the way that I’ve seen the world. I’ve made some great friends and it makes me want to go out and experience more of the world" - Past Camps International Participant

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