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Wardu Camps

School Camps

Wardu Camps offers a variety of activities catering to a range of age groups. Itineraries can be developed for programs between 3 - 9 days.

The following are examples of activities we have on offer. Please don't hesitate to get in touch using the Book A Camp page for additional information!



Bunda Cliffs & Nullarbor

Explore the Nullarbor.

During the day you will view the magnificent Bunda Cliffs at the Head of the Bight, delve into Murrawijinie Caves and stop off at the Nullarbor Roadhouse.

Whale watching season is between July & October.


Your guides will share yarns of how life was in the past living and working along this pristine coastline.

Bush Medicine & Dog Fence

Learn about the land from the traditional owners as they teach you how to identify and collect ‘bush tucker’ including plants traditionally used for medicinal purposes.

Travel to the Dog Fence to identify and collect wood used to make traditional tools such as boomerangs.


Water Sources

Your guides will teach you about the importance of water collection, from a traditional and modern perspective.


Activities include a visit to Penong's famous windmill museum, the region's salt lakes, digging for water and lunch at Port Le Hunt.

Before returning to camp explore Scotdesco's unique rain harvesting facility.

Saltbush & Climate Change

Focus on the ancient “super food" of saltbush. You will learn about its cultural significance whilst gaining an understanding of ancestral agricultural practices and its importance now as a carbon sink.


Fowlers Bay

The site was once an active whaling port. Whales can be viewed from the shore during whale season. The area is surrounded by picturesque sand dunes and a untouched marine environment. Our guides will share the amazing history of the area and their connections.

Clare Bay

Enjoy the remote and deserted beach at Clare Bay. With a guide, trek a small distance along the coast, exploring the stunning coastline, cliffs and even a blowhole. Learn about traditional fishing techniques and try Kangaroo cooked in the traditional method!


On-site Activities



You will be taught local history and immersed in the Wirangu language, understanding the significance of preserving the language dialect.

Cultural Crafts

Pottery: The history and traditional methods of pottery are discussed.

Aboriginal Dot painting: The resident artists explain the cultural importance, techniques and traditional methods of Aboriginal rock art and paintings.

Artefact Making: The men explain the traditional methods of making tools. 

You will then have the opportunity to create your own pieces which can be taken home as a souvenir.


Damper Making

You will gather some saltbush leaves and head to the kitchen to see how to cook, grind and use this super food. Everyone will have the opportunity to make salt bush damper and cook their own damper in the traditional method on an open fire.

Sports & Games

Cooperating together and helping each other are important aspects of the Aboriginal way of life. Sport is an integral part of our culture. Scotdesco Community has a facility with a basketball set up, soccer area, volleyball net and a great expanse of outdoor space in which to play traditional games.


Nighttime Activities

The evenings at Scotdesco are spectacular!

We provide a warm, welcoming campfire under dark skies. Whilst star gazing, you will be taken back in time as you learn about the significance of constellations that are associated with ancient dreaming stories and navigation.




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